Here is a list of current needs within our FCC Kids program as of 02/2017:

Nursery Needs:

  • We are looking for high schoolers to volunteer to help an adult in the nursery during Sunday service!! Sign up on the clipboards at the welcome counter in the lobby.
  • We are looking to replace the rocking chair in the nursery for a more sturdy one. If you would like to donate money or a chair, please contact Tiffany or Cody.
  • We are accepting new or old toys for our nursery kids on Sunday morning. Our toys are separate from the daycare’s toys. A donation bucket will be in the lobby.

Easter Egg Hunt Needs:

  • Donations of large prizes (bikes, wagons, big toys, dollhouses etc.) byMarch 15th

While it would be super cool to offer the children in the community a chance to win a big prize, they will still have fun if we don’t have this element.

  • Donations of plastic eggs by March 31st
  • Donations of candy byMarch 31st
  • Donations of money (for candy and prizes) by March 31st

Donation bins will be in the lobby on Sundays and the church office all other days going forward from now.